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Analog Sol combines vintage synths, 80’s nostalgia, and a love of sunset parties to keep the spirit of the underground alive. Born in Sydney and based in Barcelona, he has performed in over thirty countries, bringing his thrilling mix of Melodic Techno, Afro-House, and Caribbean vibes to a worldwide audience. Now, with the most compelling music of his accomplished career, he is out to redefine what a live electronic music performer is capable of. 

His hit record Trinidad Dreams is played by everyone from Black Coffee and Solomun, to Axwell and Armin van Buuren. It has over 1.5 million streams on Spotify and was signed to Armada. Since it's release he's also signed to Mobilee, Toolroom, Realm, Axtone, and has an upcoming EP on Super Flu's label Monaberry.  

Analog Sol takes an exceptionally unique approach to his craft, resulting in a mesmerizing and highly original sound. He composes and performs entirely with analog synths and hardware samplers. Eschewing computers in favor of a more tactile organic style.  

The rhythms and melodies are intricately and thoughtfully composed. Never wasting a note, or track, and conducting it all into a one-of-a-kind experience. 

This steadfast devotion to the craft of electronic music has resulted in a massive following, both in person and online. His live set has been streamed over two million times on Facebook. And videos of his record 'Trinidad Dreams’ have been viewed over twenty million times. 

Live performance has always been at the heart of Analog Sol. He first started performing in 2001, under the moniker Bass Kleph. That project saw him top the Beatport chart multiple times, and perform at the most renowned clubs and venues worldwide. After years of travel, he was drawn back to the underground and became enthralled with analog technology.  

He spent endless nights obsessing over sounds and nostalgia from the 80’s. That is when he decided to reinvent himself as Analog Sol. Since then, it has been a steady stream of late night parties and sunset vibes. 

Big things are on the horizon for this eclectic artist. A performer whose passion for live music and quality sounds is unquestionable. Stay tuned for more analog sounds, analog songs, and of course, plenty of sunsets. 

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When I'm With You

Analog Sol has released his latest electrifying single, "When I'm With You." This hypnotic Afro House track features soulful vocal chops, African talking drums, and classic analog synths, creating an energetic and exciting experience perfect for unforgettable sunset parties. 


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The Last Sunset

Analog Sol, the Barcelona-based producer known for his versatile productions across Melodic Techno, Deep House, and Afro House, has unveiled his latest single "The Last Sunset" on Sol Sonidos records. The track features a beautiful analog arpeggio, nostalgic analog lead…

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Isla Calavera

Analog Sol & Eddie Le Funk are proud to present their highly anticipated collaboration, 'Isla Calavera'. 

Translating to 'Skull Island', this mystical track takes listeners on a journey through a world of suspense and excitement. 

With its deep and tense…

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Halcyon Days EP on Monaberry!

Are your record cases and sticks worn out from travelling?
Introducing the Monaberry Booster and the Analog Sol Booster they put back the potency that travel takes out. 

By the time your record bag and stick reach you they need…

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Through The Night

Analog Sol's new single 'Through The Night' is a genre-blending masterpiece that seamlessly fuses Afro House and Progressive House elements with a touch of 80s nostalgia. The track features the soulful vocals of Valencia James, adding a powerful and inspirational…

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Remix on Monaberry!

Analog Sol has just released a huge remix on Monaberry Records! The label owned by the legendary group Super Flu. The original song is called Midnight Lovers and is by by Guillaume. 


Blurb From Monaberry:

A lot of releases have…

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De La Selva

Electronic artist and synth virtuoso Analog Sol presents his upcoming new single De La Selva. A hypnotic, and summery Afro house composition that has been a highlight in his live performances. De La Selva embraces chic bass lines, tribal-inspired melodies…

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Avira remixes Trinidad Dreams

Diving a bit further underground to maximize the song's floor-thrilling output, Canada's AVIRA delivers in full on remix duty for Analog Sol. Juggling tribal percussion elements with snappy rhythms and deep bass roars steeped in suspense, this re-imagination goes way…

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Signed to Toolroom's label Zerothree!

Summer has come a touch early courtesy of the inspirational Analog Sol and his wonderful masterpiece 'Medano'. 

Analog Sol has past releases with powerhouse labels Armada Subjekt, Mobilee, Realm and now we are excited to welcome him into the REALPROG…

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