Remix on Monaberry!

Remix on Monaberry!

Analog Sol has just released a huge remix on Monaberry Records! The label owned by the legendary group Super Flu. The original song is called Midnight Lovers and is by by Guillaume. 

Blurb From Monaberry:

A lot of releases have two tracks. This on has six.

Lost in Translation is a little more EP than a lot of little EPs. The bass, for instance, is constructed of not one but two separate steel panels, one under the other, to add strength and loudness to the tracks.

And although, like we said, a lot of little EPs have two brakes – very few of them have steel guard beams built into them, like Guillaume did.

Monaberry also gives you more music than most little EPs: 

A unique Analog Sol remix that can handle massive crowds quite comfortably without a lot of straining.

And where some little EPs let you feel every little mistake, this EP has big synths at all tracks to help take the harshness out of the ride.

The point of this text is quite simple. We are telling you that Monaberry, on of the biggest labels, is the best choice for you.

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